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Phantasm: Nightmare

(Note.. this is a new fic that I am working on... first part... ^__^ Enjoy! And please.. comments are welcomed! If I keep up with this, this is going to be a long fic.... ^.^ )

The room was balmy, the curtains still with the absence of a night time breeze. The only sound that filled the room was the labored breathing of the person in the bed, gripped with nightmares, tossing and turning over the rumpled sheets, winding them around his waist. A name fell from the person's lips, mixed with whimpers of despair and the ocassional sob.

Nearby the bed, a tall, elegant man stood, his hair like strands of silver in the light of the moon. He was watching the one in the bed, arms crossed solemnly over his chest, a smirk upon slender lips.

"So this is when you cry..." he whispered softly as he knelt down beside the bed, his flowing silver robe pooling around him. An elegant hand reached forward to rest against a clammy forehead, amethyst eyes fluttering shut as the taller man let out a breath of air and let himself sink.

And swirl.

And dive deep into the boy's mind...

"Why...? Why...?" a small voice said over and over. "You were supposed to save me... Omi... why didn't you save me? You said we'd be together forever but you let me die.. You didn't protect me.. It's your fault I'm dead..."

Tears welled up in blue eyes, reaching out towards the voice, towards the female he knew it was coming from. "I tried!! I tried to save you, Ouka!" he whispered, falling forward to his knees. "I'm sorry...." The words fell from his lips, an admission of his own guilt for an incident that happened over a year ago. To the blonde, it seemed like yesterday. He could still hear her screams, feel her heartbeat slow against his chest, feel the warmth leaving her body as she took her last breath. As she died... "It's my fault..." he whispered through the tears that rolled down his cheeks. "I let you die..."

"That's right, Tsukiyono.. you let her die. You let us die too..." A firm voice entered Omi's world, causing him to look up to find the source, blue eyes meeting violet. "You. Are. A. Failure. I was foolish to think you were capable of doing anything... a child.." The last word was spat out as the man with the vibrant red hair turned around, arms crossed over his chest.

Omi blinked in surprise, reaching up to wipe at his nose. "Aya-kun... you're not dead though. That's not my fault... it's not!"

"You're going to be the death of us all, Omittchi..." another voice added in, a brunette coming into view, his normally soft eyes cold. "You're incompetent... You let her die... You're going to let us die too.. Why did I ever trust you?" The words were accusing, striking deep into Omi's heart and then twisted, hearing them come from someone he thought was his best friend.

"Ken-kun...?" he said softly, getting up to his feet to move towards them, his eyes widening at the details that he saw as he got closer. The usually pale, porcelain skin that was Aya's trademark was stained crimson with the blood that leaked from a deep gash in his neck. Ken was slightly lopsided, his head disfigured by the blast from the gunshot that had pierced the back of his skull. Omi gasped, falling to his knees, his head held in his hands. "It's not my fault... it's not... I've saved you all before... I wouldn't.. let anything happen to-"

"To me, bishonen..?" The lazy drawl was unmistakable as Omi lifted his head again, watching the tall playboy walk towards him, flickering ashes raining down upon his hand as the other flicked his cigarette. He stuck his hand in his pocket, almost casually pulling back the front of his jacket, revealing the ruined mess of his chest, looking as though he had been struck by an explosion, the tattered remains of his shirt melted to the once-golden skin. He smirked, drawing in a lungful of the burning smoke, tendrils of it seeping out through his ruined chest. "Too bad it's all a lie..."

Omi let out a soft whimper, closing his eyes tightly as he shook his head. "This isn't real.." he kept repeating, trying his hardest to believe it. "I wouldn't hurt them.. I wouldn't let them down.." His voice was a soft whisper, hands covering his face, trying to block out the images that were burned into his mind. Of Aya... of Ken... of Yotan... And it was all his fault.

"I'm.. a failure..." he said suddenly, lifting his head, tears of blood rolling down his cheeks, leaving behind tracks of red. "I'm... " He broke off, watching his teammates surround them, the looks on their faces accusing.

"Youre are a failure."

"They were foolish to put you in charge of Kritiker."

"It's your fault!"

"I hate you...."

This last phrase echoed in his mind, spinning, making him dizzy. Omi pitched forward, his head pressed to the ground, his shoulders shaking with his sobs. "Minna-san... Gomen nasai..."

The cool hand was removed from Omi's forehead, the man rising to his feet, a bit unsteady for a moment until he regained his composure. "So this is your fear... this is what plagues your nightmares... How.. interesting..." He chuckled softly, a dry sound in the balmy room. "I'm sure we can figure out so many ways to play with this.... to exploit this..." he whispered, peeling back the sweat-soaked sheets and lifting the nightmare-ravaged blonde into his arms.

"To break you. I will break you Tsukiyono Omi... and I will enjoy the task..." He chuckled again as he disappeared out the open door of the room, making his way quickly through the quiet apartment and out, disappearing into the night.
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