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Picking up Peeper

Alright... because someone (featherfire) wants to read more, I'm posting more! ^_^ This is the last bit we really have for Ode to Peeper... It took forever to gte all this together because it was in bits and pieces all over my computer. This is set after Bandana Boy and follows it immediately... after this one is the last bit we actually have, which is Confessions. I think that sometime, we're going to continue this.. and maybe posting things here will give me and Silver the push to get things going again. Anyways! On with the story

Picking up Peeper
Part of 'Ode to Peeper'
Rating: PG
Pairing: hints at Yohji x Schuldich
Warnings: None!
Cuteness ahead! ^_^

**Back to the present**

Yohji chuckled and scooted closer to Schuldich, resting his head on his shoulder. "Back then, would you think that we would have ended up like this..?" he asked quietly, sitting Peeper down on the floor where it would be safe.

"I don't think I ever thought I would end up like this with anyone... let alone my room mate from high school.." The redhead said with a soft laugh before kissing Yohji's head gently. He pulled the box to him to keep looking.. "Did you ever think we would end up like this?"

"No.. but I'm not disappointed in the least. More like pleasantly surprised." He chuckled and scooted back to a box, digging through it and finding nothing but old books. "These could probably go to the junk sale, unless you really want to study English Literature from the 19th Century, again."

"Now that's a class I would love to forget.." Schuldich said, turning up his nose a bit as he looked at another book... "Advanced Calculus.. Who took that?"

Yohji raised a tentative hand, chuckling. "I did... that last semester. Remember now..?" Yohji had found a talent with math, though he didn't like to broadcast it about. "Teacher was stupid. I think I could have taught the class if half the students didn't have something against me." He sat a few books aside for the sale, the pile growing larger as he worked. "Gender Issues..?" He pulled one book out and blinked at it. "I don't remember this... Was it yours?"

"Gender Issues?" He took the book and looked at it before opening it.. "Yeah.. mine.." He said, showing Yohji the little pictures he had drawn in it.

The blonde chuckled and shook his head in amusement. "Marking in your books, tsk tsk." He put a stern look on his face at this, but it didn't last long. Bored with the box of books, he pulled another box towards them, cutting open the tape. "You get the first look.."

Schuldich opened the box, which was littered with more books and a few lost bandannas. "Do these breed or something?" He asked out loud, rolling his emerald eyes a bit.. A few more boxes later, he was back to sitting next to Peeper... "Okay... so we're going to take most of this junk?" He pointed to the opened boxes.

He nodded, chuckling at the appearance of even more bandannas. "No.. you just had too many of them, "Bandanna Boy"..." Yohji grinned and surveyed the boxes around them, nodding. "I think so... Lots of stuff people should be able to use, just not us." He stood up and stretched slightly before collapsing back on the couch. "My arms hurt from all that lifting." Yohji was still as much of a wimp as he was back in high school. Painfully thin, he was athletic to a point, but still weak. He knew Schuldich got a kick out of it.

Picking up the chicken alarm clock, Schuldich joined Yohji on the couch.. "I can't believe we still had him.." He said softly as he looked at the bottom of the clock.. "Look.. the marker didn't wear off.." He said with a chuckle, the name Peeper written on the bottom with little chicken feet drawn around it.

Yohji craned to peer at the clock, chuckling and shaking his head. "Remember when we got him..? I thought you were nuts at wanting a chicken clock..." He grinned and rested his head on Schu's shoulder, getting comfortable on the cushions. "But even back then, I thought he was kinda cute."

"It was the first time we had gone off campus together..." Schu said with a smirk.

**Freshman Year**

"Are you sure you can make it?" Schuldich scratched his head as he watched his friend try to get over the fence.. he was keeping an eye out for anyone who was going to stop them. They both had wanted to get out and Yohji was going to show him some of the city... plus they needed something to wake them up in the morning.

Yohji stared up at the fence, uncertain, but he wasn't about to show that to his roommate. "Of course I can get over!" He struggled upwards, and tried to pull himself up, only succeeding in falling back down to the ground. "This.. sucks." He said simply as he got back up, glaring at the fence.

"Here..." Schuldich moved over to the fence and crouched down a bit, offering his hands as a step for the blond. He gave the other a smile. "I can make it over once you get over."

"If you say so..." The blonde stepped over to Schu and stepped lightly up into his hand, giving him enough of a boost to get up and over the fence. His landing on the other side was less than graceful, slightly scraping his hand on the sidewalk. "Dammit..." He sighed and got up, backing away to give the German plenty of room to land, picking lightly at his skinned palm.

"You okay?" Schu asked, wincing as he saw Yohji... "Sorry.." He said before scaling the fence himself. He landed next to the other with a soft sound. "Maybe we should have found a different way.." He looked at the other's hands.

He shook his head quickly and peered at his palm. "It's nothing bad. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm just clumsy." He grinned wide and swiped his palm on his pants to get the debris off. "Don't worry..."

"I'm sure you'll get the hang of it if we keep doing this.." Schu said before starting away from the school.. "Let's go before they find us gone."

Yohji grinned at the words, pleased that his roommate seemed to think that there would be other outings similar to this. Nodding his head, he ambled after the red-head.

Schuldich laughed softly, glad to be away from the prying eyes of the world of brick and wood behind them.. He did a cartwheel and then stretched. "Free!" He smiled back at Yohji... The other youth had become his best friend over the few short months they had been at the school so far....

Laughing, Yohji continued along beside his friend, coming up alongside the other. It was nice to see Schuldich so excited. He had been getting increasingly moody the past couple of weeks, which is what had prompted Yohji to suggest that they sneak off campus for an evening. Schu had jumped at the proposal, which took them here. "So where to..?" he asked.

"I need to buy an alarm clock so we can actually wake up before noon.... the teachers are starting to get pissy..." The redhead replied as he stuck his hands in his pockets. They had grown to be close friends... but both were still -just- friends... "And if the teachers get pissy.. then more then likely my parents will follow with pissy letters when they send their so called 'care package'..."

Yohji smiled a bit sheepishly. The German had actually started out waking up at a decent hour, but somehow Yohji had drug him into his own routine of waking up when they wake up. The result was upset teachers for their tardiness. And the damned student council. He already didn't like those guys. "So, an alarm clock. I think there's a good store around here that sells them. Sells lots of things actually." he commented as they walked. "Just a couple blocks away.

"Good... maybe I can get some more bandannas..." Schu said, tugging on the black one he had in his hair at the moment. He needed some more variety on his head. "What else should we do?..." The German asked, his Japanese was getting better. Yohji had been helping him a lot so that he wouldn't look like an idiot.

Grinning, Yohji skipped ahead slightly and came to a stop in front of the redhead, jade eyes sparkling with excitement. "Have you ever done Karoke?" he asked. The blonde thought Schu's Japanese was coming along quite well, he was better at it than he thought he was, at least. He needed to work on the red-head's confidence a bit though. He was still so unsure about things.

"Karoke?... What's that?" Schuldich asked, scratching his head a bit as he watched the blonde.

Jade eyes widened in shock that the other had never heard of Karoke. But the prospect of a 'Karoke virgin' was somewhat appealing. "Let's get the alarm clock, and then I'll show you. You'll love it, I promise!" he exclaimed, darting ahead, excited by the prospect of both a night out, shopping, -and- Karoke!

"Okay..." He laughed softly at his friends enthusiasm for this ... Karoke. The redhead jogged a bit to catch up with the blonde. This was going to be a fun day...

The two walked the couple of blocks to the promised store. Yohji stopped in front of it and opened the door to let Schu go in first. He had daddy's money in his pocket, so he knew they could get whatever they needed.

The German youth stepped in and looked around, setting his finger on his lip as he stepped in almost hesitantly... This was his first time out in the city.. this was the first time in a Japanese store... He put his other hand on his ever present shoulder bag before stepping in a little more to find out where the clocks were.

Yohji followed in behind him, slipping past the German with a smile. "This way.." he said, gesturing to a section of the store, pausing for a moment. "Don't look so scared... we don't bite here, you know." He knew that the boy must be somewhat scared, not knowing the area and the language very well. But there was only one way to get over that fear, and that was to go out and face it. The blonde was trying his hardest to do exactly that.

The redhead followed quietly, looking around a little before they stopped by the clocks... He looked them over, most were rather boring except for a few animal shaped ones that looked rather cute. Schuldich chuckled to himself.. "Who would get a chicken alarm clock?" He asked as he picked up the yellow chicken...

Bouncing over, Yohji peeked over Schu's shoulder to see what he was looking at. Chuckling, he shook his head. "He's kinda cute... Quirky... We could get him... instead of something boring like those," he said, pointing a display of bland black clocks like everyone had. "We'd have the only one at St. Peters if we did..."

Schu shrugged... "Might as well.." He said with a small laugh before pressing a little button at the front of the bird.. He nearly dropped it as it started �peep peep-ing� in his hands. He quickly shut it off, then gave Yohji a sheepish look.

Yohji doubled over laughing as he heard the alarm clock, holding his stomach. "Ohmygod... That thing better wake us up in the morning with that sound!" He grinned and reached over to push the button again, wanting to hear the noise. Giggling, he shook his head and turned it off again. "That is too cute...."

The redhead gave the clock to Yohji.. "You can hold it then.." He was blushing red from the clock's alarm...


"I can't believe I even picked it up..." Schuldich said as he looked at the faded clock. "Kept on ticking though... I bet if we put new batteries in him, he'll be as good as new." He chuckled..

Yohji chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Put batteries on the list, and we'll pick some up at the store. I'd like to put him back in our room..." He grinned and closed his eyes for a moment, relaxing against the other man, a soft purr sounding in his throat.

"I'll remember to do that..." The German said as he pulled Yohji close... "Have I ever told you how much that purr turns me on.." He whispered with a grin.

The blonde feigned ignorance, shaking his head. "No... you haven't. Tell me..?" he murmured, gently nuzzling against the other man, purring softly as he did so.

The other gave a soft laugh before catching the blonde's lips with his own. "It turns me on... a lot...." He whispered in his 'voice' as he set the chicken aside.

"Mmmm... really..?" Yohji purred, smiling into the kiss, gently looping his arms around Schuldich's neck and squirming his way into the other's lap. "I never knew that...." he murmured with a smile, pulling back after a moment. "What else turns you on...?" he asked, gently running one hand through Schuldich's hair.

"When you run your hands through my hair.." Schuldich said before he shifted, laying Yohji back on the couch with a sweet grin. "I used to really like when you played the dominant... But... I do like control sometimes.." He murmured before leaning down to kiss the other...

Yohji blinked a bit at the statement, grinning as he found himself laying on his back with Schuldich above him. "You like to be dominant too...?" He grinned at the thought, returning the kiss, eyes fluttering shut as he did so, purring softly against the other's lips.

"Mmmhmm..." He hummed softly against the other's kiss. "But I always did love you taking control.." He said with a soft smile.. Schu chuckled softly.. "Our first time together... that was interesting and awkward."

The sound of laughter filled the air as Yohji remembered that time, his face turning a shade of pink. "Neither of us knew what we were doing... I'm surprised one of us wasn't killed during that!"

Schuldich laughed at the memory as he sat up, keeping Yohji in his lap.. "That was definitely... different... How we figured out -what- we were doing was a miracle.." He tilted his head back.. "But that was after we realized we were more than friends..."

To continue along after this, please go read Confessions. And thus the end of Ode to Peeper... for now... ^_____^

We'll try and continue this!!!


~*Silver and Saiai*~
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