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Ode to Peeper

Thus begins a series of shorts that me and Silver worked on... I love this one... It's such a teaser though.. ~chuckles~ This is the prologue to everything that we wrote for this arc... It's still kind of rough, but I had a request to get it out so it could be read.


Ode to Peeper
Yohji x Schuldich
Spoilers: None!
Archive: Ask!

In vain the redhead reached for the loud alarm clock on his side of the king sized bed... He grumbled.. it was too early to wake up... Did they have to have such an early job that required them to open at such an early hour? Schuldich... or... Schuldich Kudo as he liked to call himself now, looked at his watch through blurry green eyes. It wasn't even a week day.. why were they getting up early? Oh.. "Yeah... we need to clean out the closets today for a junk sale at the college..." He muttered to himself before he let his head fall back down to the white, fluffy, and oh so tempting pillow which whispered 'sleep, just a little more.'

On the other side of the bed, a mound beneath the blankets started to awaken, mumbling its irritation at being forced from sleep. The blankets were slowly pulled back, a long-haired blonde peeking out, green eyes blinking at the brightness of the morning light. "Is it morning already...?" rasped a sleepy voice, scooting over to curl up beside Schuldich, wrapping a thin arm around the man's midsection. Yohji grumbled softly as he heard the other's voice say what they had set the alarm so early for. "I'm not looking towards dragging those boxes down..." he murmured.

The redhead rolled over to his back, cuddling close to his companion with a yawn.. "We should have done it last week... but we wanted to sleep." And they had slept, past noon. Then they had gone out that night, again, like they did every weekend. "We wanted to get it all done with before tonight... remember?..."

Yohji grumbled and nodded, letting out an exasperated sigh. "I know. Still doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it." Both of them liked to sleep in on the weekends, and getting up before noon could be a chore. Mumbling the entire time, Yohji rolled over and pulled back the blankets, swinging his legs out and planting them on the ground. Stretching the tired muscles in his back and arms, he stumbled up with a yawn. The green silk pajamas that he wore were rumpled from sleep, his shoulder-length blonde hair a mess about his face. "I'll shower first..?" he asked, rubbing the fuzz from his eyes.

"Yeah... yeah..." Schu said, waving a hand at Yohji as he rolled over on his stomach to spread out and take up the whole bed with a grin. He only wore black cotton boxers to bed... when Yohji wore his silk pj's he liked to feel them against his bare skin... though skin on skin wasn't bad either...

Stifling a yawn with one hand, Yohji grabbed his towel and trudged into the shower. The green pajamas were soon a puddle against the wall as Yohji leaned over to start the water. He let it get comfortably hot before stepping in under the stream, letting out a soft sigh. He was never quite coherent until his shower. Letting the water run down his body, he grabbed the container of strawberry shampoo, something he had become quite fond of living with Schuldich. He washed the shoulder-length tresses and moved on to his body. He soon stepped back out of the shower and towelled off. Once dry, he knotted the towel around his hips and grabbed another one for his hair. Draping it over his wet hair, he headed back into the bedroom and plopped down on the corner of the bed, sitting on Schu's foot. "Your turn.."

He wiggled his foot a bit under Yohji's toweled butt before pulling it our from under his love. Schu grumbled a bit himself before rolling out of the bed. His red hair falling in his face, a little longer and nearly at the middle of his back. He had never wanted to cut it... so he didn't. He found the bathroom and got in the shower after tossing his boxers at Yohji. With a small groan he turned the water on and stood under the hot water for a while until he was awake enough to find the strawberry shampoo... washing his hair he used a bit of conditioner.. then rinsed...

Once finished, Schu grabbed a green towel and dried off, then wrapped it around his middle... He stuck his toothbrush in his mouth after putting the toothepaste on it, then brushed his teeth as he went to the closet to look for something comfortable to wear...

Yohji was already dressed by the time Schu got out of the shower, having chosen a pair of comfortable jeans and a black knit shirt. He was busy in front of the mirror, tugging a comb through his tangly hair; his blonde hair was incredibly fine and tangled easily, giving him fits in the morning when he tried to comb it. Sometimes he was tempted to cut it all off, like he had done a couple of years ago, but remembering how ridiculous he had looked with the short hair, he had started growing it out again, settling on his classic shoulder-length locks.

Tugging at the comb, he let out a soft cry as the handle broke off, green eyes going wide. "Schu! Do you have another comb... I broke mine again.." He called out to the other man, fumbling in his blonde locks to try and retrieve the rest of the comb.

He was busy getting dressed as he heard Yohji call for him, asking if he had another comb.. He zipped his jeans up before grabbing a comb from one of his drawers.. He didn't have a shirt on yet as he walked over to Yohji and offered him the comb.. "You look nice this morning.." Schu said with a slight yawn.. his own hair needing to get brushed after he found a shirt.

Taking the comb, he resumed coming, smiling at the compliment. "Thanks..." Sighing happily as the comb finally went through his hair, he went about combing it out, then ruffling it slightly with his fingers to get it to fall into the soft natural waves his hair held. "Would you like me to brush your hair...?" He loved his lover's hair, running his fingers through it, brushing it, anything.

"Sure.. just let me get a shirt on..." Schuldich replied before he wandered back over to the dresser to find a worn white t-shirt.. he didn't want to get anything nice dirty today.. so he was going for his sit around and do nothing clothes.. He sat down on the bed where he usually did when Yohji wanted to brush out his thick red hair.

Crawling onto the bed with a brush in hand, Yohji positioned himself behind Schu and pulled the long red hair back over his shoulders and began a gentle brushing. He started humming softly as he did so, careful not to pull when he encountered tangles.

Closing his eyes, he relaxed, sighing a bit as he felt the brush run through his hair. He loved it when Yohji combed his hair... He was gentle and did his best not to pull when something became caught. Plus he hummed and Schu liked to listen, sometimes humming along if he caught a familiar tune.

Yohji shifted a bit on the bed and continued brushing, pausing to work out a small tangle. His humming paused in lue of talking. "So when is the junk sale anyways..? You told me when, but I forgot.. as usual." He chuckled and brought one hand forward to pull back the hair, lingering for a moment on Schuldich's cheek.

"It's next weekend.." The other replied.. "But I figured if we didn't do this -this- weekend.. it would never get done and the girl that harassed me to get it done will beat my ass when I go to Psych next Tuesday.." Schuldich explained with a chuckle as he leaned back on his hands.

Yohji hmmed softly as he continued brushing. "So, in other words, we can either work and get it done today, or you'll get your ass beat next week. That's a hard decision to make!" He chuckled and put the brush down, running a hand through the damp locks. "All done, love. Looks beautiful."

"Thanks..." Schuldich said before picking out a little hair tie. He used it to make a ponytail from the base of his neck. He would find his favorite bandana once the rest of his hair dried... He leaned back kissed Yohji before getting up from the bed.

Chuckling softly, Yohji crawled off the side of the bed, running a hand through his drying hair. "Well let's get the boxes down and see what we can contribute. The quicker we get this done, the earlier we can go out tonight."

The redhead nodded in agreement as he got up, pulling out a black bandana with green stripes.. he'd had it for nearly two or three years now.. since their senior year at St. Peters... He shook his head a bit at the memory before putting the piece of cloth on his head so that it was back over his red hair.. only a few bangs hanging down.

Yohji had already moved down into the hallway where the boxes were stored in the closet. The door was propped open and he was squirming about, trying to get the boxes down without letting them fall -on- him. "Little help here!" he called out, grunting under the weight of a couple of the boxes. He had no idea that they had this much stuff. There were quite a few boxes up here, and almost all of them were heavy.

Schu laughed as he saw the struggle, quickening his pace to get down the hallway to help his companion out... It took a while to get all the boxes out without getting themselves killed. When the first stage of the task was finished, he found a letter opener in hopes that it would work to open the boxes.. "Let's get down to business."

The blonde plopped down in front of a few of the boxes, a kitchen knife in his own hand to aid in opening the taped boxes. "We haven't been through half of this stuff since high school... I'm kind of scared to see what's in here," he commented as he opened one box, revealing some of their textbooks. He chuckled softly, remembering some of the teachers back then.

"Heh... look, I found my old uniform sweater.." The other said with a little laugh as he lifted the article of clothing up. It smelled like moth balls. He sat it aside, rummaging through the box he was going though. "Holy shit.." He laughed softly as he pushed away a bandana with the school insignia on it. "I haven't seen this in ages..." He cupped his hand around the sun faded yellow chicken alarm clock. "It's Peeper.." He lifted it up to show Yohji.

Green eyes widened as he scrambled over the boxes to sit beside Schuldich, shaking his head in amusement. "I forgot we kept him..." His voice was filled with surprise and amusement, a smile upon his lips.

Schu looked the bird over before finding the switch.. the insistant -peep peep, peep peep- of the alarm a bit slower from age. He chuckled, amused... "I think we broke PenPen the last time we moved." He pouted a bit in remembrance of the penguin alarm clock... "But Peeper... our freshman year... that was an interesting year."

Yohji reached over and took the clock from the other man, fondly petting it. "You're telling me. I was so scared when I found out I was roommates with 'the German'." He chuckled and leaned back against one of the boxes.

"'The German'?" Schu rose an eyebrow... "I didn't know what I was rooming with. I remember being scared stiff as I watched the door creak open as I tried to get my things put away fast before anyone else could see me..."
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