Saiai-chan (saiai_chan) wrote,

[Consumed am I]

Sublime emotions flood my heart, my soul (so consumed am I by your eyes and the sound)
Of you saying my name, saying you love me (and by all Gods present, I love you too my)
Darling, my sweet, never thought anyone would sweep me off my feet
Carry me away to a darker place
Indulge my desires, put my heart to a frantic pace
Trying to win this race, this dash, the pounce and the smile...
Never really needed to try because we both won the moment our hands were held
Fingers interlocked like pieces of our unique puzzle
Binding and hardening, no hammer could break (and I pray that neither me nor you break our)
Hearts of gold of love of peace
I'll just close my eyes and feel myself ease into your arms, and your breath, and your whispers
Tender caresses on the hollow of my neck (arching and purring deep down in my throat like your personal kitty cat..)
I never thought I could be so happy..
Never thought I'd find that missing piece of me...
Never knew someone would mend my broken wings
Take the time to get to know me through and through
I pinch myself, but I don't wanna wake up
Don't wanna hurt
Don't wanna be alone...
And as long as we're both holding on tight
The love we feel surpasses the darkness of night...
So many words, so many thoughts.. all condensed down into three
I love you.
-Saiai, written on 1.12.01
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