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Would you like a twist of lime?

I can't help but post this one... but first, some background on the story.

This is yet another collaborative fic between myself and Sil.. We write a -lot- together.. ~Points to folder full of documents~ This particular one is from a series we worked on once upon a time. It stemmed from another RP we were in, called Yaoi High School Adventure where we played Yohji and Schuldich from Weiss Kreuz. Another AU piece, set while the pair is in high school.

The series this is from is called "Ode to Peeper" which is a series of shorts centered around Schuldich and Yohji's time in a private school which is where the pair first met. It's now the future, and the pair are looking back at their history and how they came to be where they are. I'm going to be posting these in no particular order as I get them all fixed up. ^.^ So thus... here you go...

Pairing: Yohji + Schuldich
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG-13
Includes: Shonen-ai, limey action, humour, sweetness


**Five Years Ago**
(Sophomore Year)

Yohji was laying on his stomach on his bed, his literature book propped up in front of him on a pillow as he attempted to read through the assignment for the next day. But he kept on getting distracted by the redhead who was laying in a similiar position on the other bed. Neither of the teens liked to study at the desks that were provided for them, preferring to lay on their beds to read and do their work. With a soft sigh, Yohji laid his head down on the book so he could watch the other openly. In the past couple of months, he had started to feel something towards the other, but he was afraid to say anything. The blonde did not want to endanger their relationship, possibly ruining a good friendship with his confession. He let out another sigh, loud enough to gain the other's attention.

Hearing the loud sigh of his roommate, the German looked over with a raised eyebrow, catching that the other was just watching him openly. The months had flown by with them together... he felt more, but wasn't sure if he wanted to say anything... "Something... wrong?" Schu asked after a minute.. A whole year had passed since they had first met...

He shook his head quickly and turned his attention back to the book in front of him, a slight blush creeping up on his cheeks. "Nothing's wrong..." he murmured as his eyes scanned the page, catching none of the text that was upon the paper. He let out a soft growl and closed the book, rolling over onto his back and staring up at the ceiling with a soft sigh.

"There is something.." The redhead replied when he heard the soft growl and the book closing. He closed his own and looked over at the other. "What is it?"

Yohji looked over at the other teen and let out a soft sigh. Sitting up, he clasped his hands between his knees and looked down at the ground. "If I tell you something, even if you don't think the same thing, can you promise not to hate me?" Jade eyes flicked over to Schu, a tinge of fear lying there.

"Yeah... of course." Schuldich tried to give him a 'duh' look, but it just ended up as pure curiosity. What would the blonde have to say that would make him want to hate him? He leaned over the edge of his bed a bit in case Yohji decided to pull one of his fast whisper confessions on him.

The jade eyes looked upwards as he spoke, not in a whisper, but with a quick pace. "I.. just.. Over the last couple of months, I've started to feel different about you. I didn't know what it was at first, but I think I know now. I've been so scared to tell you because I still don't know if you feel the same way, but Schu.." The green eyes flickered over to the teen, sighing softly. "I think I love you..." He let out a long sigh and got up to his feet, suddenly scared that he had said all of that aloud. "I think.. I should go." He frowned slightly and turned away.

And thus Schuldich fell to the floor in shock.. "Yo-yo-yohji!" He got to his feet after recovering and put his arms around the Japanese boy with a laugh. "I feel the same way..." He said softly.

Yohji blinked as he felt the teen's arms wrap around him, suddenly feeling tears well in his eyes. "You.. you do..?" he managed to whisper, somewhat shocked.

"Yeah... I was just afraid you would hate me..." The other whispered back, resting his head against the back of the blonde's. He had tears of relief in his own eyes, tears of joy. He blinked, trying to brush them away.

Swallowing hard, Yohji tightened his grasp on Schuldich, his shoulders shaking slightly as he cried openly. All the fear he had been feeling before melted away as he realised that the other felt the same way.

He let his tears fall as he felt Yohji start to cry, the other holding him tight... He felt silly and sappy.. and rather happy all at the same time.

Yohji stayed in that position with Schu for a long moment before pulling back, wiping at his eyes, a bit embarassed. Looking back to the red-head, he bit his lip lightly before speaking. "Can.. Can I kiss you Schu..?" he asked timidly.

There was a blush on Schu's cheeks. He laughed nervously and then nodded a bit. How do you answer that kind of a question... 'yeah, lay one on me?'... "Uh.. sure.."

Releasing his lip from between his teeth, Yohji leaned forward and pressed his lips against Schu's, closing his eyes as he did so, very nervous.

Schu had been going for the same thing, and the first kiss was rather awkward. Kissing other guys was never brought up in his house hold...

Stepping back, Yohji swallowed nervously, the blush on his cheeks only increasing. He wasn't quite sure what to say now. It had been nice... awkward, but nice.

He started to laugh after the awkward silence tried to settle in. "That was... different..." Schuldich said before leaning in to give Yohji another kis, this one a little more confident. His own cheeks were red from blushing, but no one else was watching them.. so he could blush all he wanted.

Yohji blinked in surprise at Schu's confidence, but he did not complain as he moved to return the kiss, his arms tightening slightly around the other boy. He had never kissed another guy before, had always considered himself drawn towards girls. But then he had met Schuldich, and his life had turned in a different direction. Yohji liked where things were going, and had never looked back with regret.

Slowly, he broke the second kiss... "That was better..." He said softly with a gentle smile before resting his head on Yohji's shoulder. "This... this is worth all the hell of this school.." Schuldich whispered.

**A couple months later**

Yohji ran into the room, his face red with anger. "I hate this place!" he screamed as he threw his backpack at the foot of his bed and flung his lanky form onto the bed. One of his teachers had berated him in front of the class for his shoddy literature paper, even going so far as to read sections of it aloud to the class. It wasn't that Yohji cared about the class, but he did care how he was seen by the other students. And the teacher had made a complete fool of him.

Schuldich wasn't in much of a mood either as he came in a moment later, silent rancor written on his youthful face as he threw his book across the room and watched it bounce off the wall and onto his pillow. He started cursing softly in German before kicking the wall. Then he fell to his bed, glaring at the ceiling before throwing the book again to get it away from him.

Yohji stared over at his roommate, green eyes angry. "Teachers piss you off today too..?" he muttered, his voice low.

"I have no idea why the fucking counselor signed me up for that damned math class... I can't do it.. then when I ask that bastard a question he points me out like I'm a damn idiot.." Schuldich explained as he kept his glare at the ceiling.

The blonde perked up slightly at the mention of maths. It was one subject he was actually quite good at it. He pushed himself up off the bed and retrieved the book from where Schuldich had thrown it. Returing back to Schu's bed, he sat down on the floor and opened the book up in his lap. "What were you having problems with..? I might be able to help you." He was already in one of the advance classes with the juniors, something that got him some looks at times.

Schu rolled over to his stomach and looked down at Yohji and the book. "Dividing equations..." He muttered softly.

Yohji nodded, forgetting his own anger for the moment in leu of helping Schuldich out. Flipping through the pages in the book, he turned to the right section and tried his best to explain it. It wasn't as hard as people made it out to be, they just had to be explained how to do it in the easiest way. He paused and looked back over his shoulder to the red-head. "You understanding so far?"

The redhead gave a little 'sort of' shake with his hand as he tried hard to understand the numbers and how the blonde had worked to get the answer. "I'm getting it better now.." He said after a bit more thinking.. "At least you actually listen."

"Any good teacher knows that you need to listen." Yohji climbed up onto the bed with the book in his lap and went over the next problem. He had found a pad of paper and was writing out the solution, step by step, so it would give Schuldich something to look at later as a guide. "If you ever need help with this... Don't bother the teacher. Find me. Alright..?" He turned his head to look at Schuldich, a faint smile touching his lips.

Schu looked over the steps and nodded with a sigh.. "Okay.." He gave his companion a nod as he looked over to meet with the blonde's jade eyes.. "Thanks, Yo-kun."

Yohji grinned and shook his head, tucking the tablet of paper in the book and closing it, sitting it aside. "No need to thank me, Schu." He smiled and patted the other on the back before getting up off of the bed and returning to his own. Now that Schu's crisis had been helped as much as Yohji could, his own came fluttering back to him in chunks. God, he hated that teacher.

"Lit class again?" Schuldich asked as he layed down on his stomach. He had taken notice of the book, and his partner's foul mood when he had enteredm even as he was throwing his algebra book at the walls.

Yohji nodded and shook his head. "I think he likes berating me in class. Pointing out my faults." His face reddened in anger, hands balling into fists. "Out of everyone in that damned class, he picks on me. Bastard!" He punched the pillow on his bed.

"Maybe he gets his jollies off of pissing kids off..." The redhead said as he turned onto his back, scooting a little off the bed until he was hanging upside down. "All the teachers here are pricks."

"I won't disagree with you there.. but still." He sighed and got up, grabbing his backpack and bringing it back over to the bed beside him. Glancing over at the redhead, he couldn't help but chuckle at the other's position. "You okay...?" he asked, tilting his head to the side to get a more 'upright' view of the teen.

"Mmhmmm... Just watching you..." The other replied with a bit of a smile. "Yohji... have you ever thought of.. you know... going.. further?" It might have been a bad time to wonder about that.

"Further..?" He blinked a bit in confusion, then blushed as it came to him. He nodded and fumbled with his backpack a bit. "Have you....?"

Schu laughed softly.. "You're answering a question with a question..." The redhead said in a teasing sing-song, avoiding the question to the question.

Yohji pouted a bit and then nodded. "I have..." he said quietly, his face nearly the color of Schuldich's hair. He had grown very fond of the other since they had admitted their feelings for one another. Several times, when they had lain making out on one of their beds, Yohji had been tempted to try and go further, but he didn't want to scare Schuldich away.

"So have I." The other said, not blushing nearly as much as the blonde. Then again, all the blood was rushing someplace other than his head. "But I wasn't sure if you were... thinking that too..."

Slowly, Yohji moved back over to the other's bed and knelt down by the upside-down teen. Twisting about slightly, he pressed his lips against Schu's in a soft kiss, with the promise of more. He snaked a hand out gently to caress against the red-head's crotch, fingers dancing over the fabric of the uniform pant.

Schu made a sound against the other's lips of surprise as he felt the other's hand touch a rather sensitive area. He wiggled a bit, starting to slide head first off of the bed.

Yohji grinned and broke the kiss, gently moving to loop his arms around the other and lowering him to the floor, since he knew there was no way he would be able to get him back up onto the bed easily. He smiled sheepishly, sitting cross-legged on the floor.. "Sorry...."

The redhead lay on the floor now, his feet still on the bed as he looked up at Yohji from his vantage point. "Wanna try that again?" the German asked with a soft laugh..

He nodded and got up to his feet, offering a hand to the other to help him up. "At this rate... one of us is going to end up dead." He grinned.

Schu got up with the blonde's help, laughing softly... "Well.. if that happens... we will know it wasn't meant to be."

"Well, we don't have to worry about that, because I won't let that happen..." He smiled and drew the other close. "You sure you want to do this...?" he asked quietly.

"Mmhmm... I'm sure." The redhead said softly as he kissed Yohji lightly. They had gotten much better at the kissing thing from nights of 'studying'. He laughed softly at that thought, then rested his forehead against the blonde's. "Do you?"

The blonde nodded, gazing into a pair of green eyes that so nearly matched his own. "I do... but I'm scared... I don't want to hurt you..." he murmured.

"That's a fear that we would have to get over if.... we want to... you know...." Schuldich said with a blush. He swallowed a bit, then thought over the thought. He blushed even more. "Um..." He gave a nervous laugh.. "We don't have anything to... uh... you know..." He leaned over and whispered something into Yohji's ear, a little worried about how Yohji would get in without really doing damage.

Yohji shook his head slowly and took a few steps away and moved to his dresser, digging in his top drawer and finally pulling out a tube. "Bought this a while back... just.. in case..." He blushed a bit and came back to the other teen, resting his head on his shoulder. "I thought we'd get to this point... and I was worried...."

Schu gave a mix of a sigh and a soft laugh as Yohji dug out the tube..... "Thinking ahead I see..." the German said softly, putting his arms around Yohji.

"Or at least trying to..." He tossed the small tube to the bed and sighed into the other's embrace, relaxing against the strong arms. "Have you ever done this before...?" he asked quietly.. he himself hadn't, and he didn't think Schu had either, but he wanted to know.

"Nope..." The other replied with a sigh. "I used to think of myself as more of the.... straight type... but even then... nope..." the virginal redhead confessed.

"Funny how things change, ne?" He chuckled and twisted about to wrap his arms around the other, leaning in for another kiss. "Then we shall be each other's firsts..." he murmured, punctuating the remark with another kiss, this one a bit harder.

"We should lock the door.." Schuldich whispered after slowly breaking the kiss... "Don't want anyone trying.. to find out.. " He kissed Yohji, the thought of being with the other teen becoming more of a strong need... "...what's going on..."

Yohji pulled back, blinking as he nodded. "You're right...." His face was slightly flustered as he slipped from the others arms and locked the door, returning and sitting on the bed, trembling slightly. "I want to. You want to. But I'm still scared, Schu....." He looked up at the other, a nervous smile playing at his lips. It was odd to see the blonde so nervous, he usually kept a very laid back appearance, never letting things phase him. But now, that mask was dropped and he allowed his nervousness to show through.

"I trust you..." Schu said as he tilted his head to the side a bit to look at the nervous blonde.. He gave a nervous laugh again.. "I'm a bit freaked too... but.." He say down next to Yohji... "We.. can.. just take it slow..."

The blonde nodded quietly, his head swimming with what he should be doing. Shifting slightly, he pulled Schu further up onto the bed and pushed him backwards so that he was leaning over him, his blonde hair hanging down into his face. "Slow..." he murmured as he leaned down for a kiss, jade eyes fluttering shut.

Schu grunted softly as Yohji pushed him down on the bed... Taking a moment to recover from that, he leaned up a bit to catch the other's lips to his own.

Sighing softly into the kiss, Yohji held tight onto the other boy, doing a slight shift to try and roll over so they were laying side by side. Unfortunately, they were a bit too close to the edge of the bed, and the shift left Yohji clinging onto Schu as he slid down towards the floor with a yelp.
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